A new beginning

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to ‘The Rational Centrist.’ We are a site dedicated to all those that are tired of the rhetoric of the left and the right. If you are sick of the democratic party or the republican party or if you just want a different viewpoint to augment your own political and social views, this would be a good blog to follow. We would love to hear your feedback.

We need a new beginning, one that marks cooperation as the keystone to progress and civil discourse.

Rationality has to be defined first, for, without a definition of what it means to be rational, we can’t go too far on this journey of a new beginning.

Left or right, there is rationality. What underlies those views, are the assumptions and beliefs, which come from the viewpoint taken. Your viewpoint determines what you value, what assumptions and beliefs you take or agree with.

Our hope is to create a shift in viewpoint. This is not an easy task, and that is why we begin with defining what a rational centrist viewpoint would be and here is take one of it:

  1. Extremes are counter productive.
  2. Any policy, law or regulation must take into view the wellbeing of all citizens of a nation.
  3. A government exists to serve the people.
  4. Decision making should be based on data.
  5. Solvency of individuals, organizations and governments are vital to social stability.
  6. Long-term social, economic and environmental health are important and should have due weight in policymaking.
  7. The basic building block of a nation and society is the family, and social health depends on the financial, emotional and ethical health of families.
  8. We need a way to help or support each other.
  9. Policy and decision making should be free of special interests.
  10. Democracy is not likely the best system possible but is likely the one that is most workable.
  11. Representational democracy is fine as a system, as long as all representatives are highly ethical and are not unduly influenced by lobbying.
  12. Direct democracy is now possible given the technology, but it will take a constitutional amendment and a much wiser populace for it to be better than representational democracy.
  13. We will always need leaders.
  14. Nations help create cultural units that are large enough to be self-sustaining.
  15. We need a true assembly of nations with proportional representation. An anarchy of nations is not a very safe way to live.